Dione Orrom


Dione is one of the most experienced live concert mutlicam producers in the world.

Working with such artists as U2, Guns and Roses, Michael Jackson, David Gilmour, The Three Tenors (for which she was nominated for an Emmy in 2001), Elton John, Muse and Cher (for which she won an Emmy in 2003) Dione has an enviable amount of experience in live production all over the world with many live transmissions across the globe. Producing for TV, DVD,Blu-ray, web-casts..

Alongside filming large music events, she has developed an expertise at filming theatrical shows including Cirque Du Soleil, Michael Flatley and Torvill & Dean.

Dione has also become highly experienced at producing both live and edited transmissions for Cinema release, being one of the first to produce a flawless 5.1 audio cinema transmission. She now continues to explore new and developing film technologies such as 3D and the non-tape/hard drive camera formats.

Dione's Portfolio